How to attract money using the power of subconscious mind

Do you know how to attract money by subconscious mind power? It is a fact, everyone wants to earn money to fulfill their desires. It’s everyone’s life goal to get more money to solve all the financial issues. People try different things to attract money such as a few people keep pictures of their God in the wallet, leaf of ashadha tree, a few grains of rice, etc. But few people don’t believe in these things. They think these things can’t attract money.

Additionally, In Different religions, people do different tricks to attract money. But attracting money by using the subconscious mind power is the best way and effective for all people. Yes you can attract money using power of subconscious mind that also very easily.

Basically, the Mind is divided into the conscious mind and second is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind works when we are active. This is 10% of your mind power. Mind power means the ability of the mind to produce effects.

The subconscious mind is 90 percent of our total mind. This works 24/7, it passes useful information to the conscious mind. The conscious mind causes the actions.

Various philosophers believe that people can achieve their goal by using the power of your mind. According to joseph Murphy, “just keep your conscious mind busy with expectation of the best.”

11 ways to attract money using power of subconscious mind

Here are top 11 tried and tested tips that help to attract the wealth by using the power of the subconscious mind. These tips will help you to get more money and fulfill your desires.

11 ways to attract money using power of subconscious mind

Feed your subconscious mind with hope

The subconscious mind flourishes on positive thoughts and hopes, so it is very important to be hopeful about your goals in your life.

If you have high goals but are not admitting them, then you will never be able to achieve them in life.  It is mandatory to motivate yourself with positive thoughts to achieve any goal.

For example, if you want to make 5000 dollars a month. First, motivate yourself and tell yourself that you can do this. This is the first step towards achieving your goal. You can use positive affirmations to motivate yourself like

“I now earn 5000 dollars a month because I made up my mind to do so., but I know I’m capable of earning more money”. When you repeat these lines, again and again, your subconscious mind will start working in this way.

To achieve your goals, combine your positive thoughts with hopes and use the power of your mind. These things will work together and make you work together.

Repeat three magic words (wealth, money ,financial abundance) daily

Before going to bed, one healthy habit that helps to attract massive wealth is to remind yourself of 3 words; wealth, money, financial abundance, quietly for 5 minutes. You must repeat these words slowly and make it a habit. This should be part of your routine.

Develop a feeling of having all wealth

It is said that the feeling of wealth brings wealth. You always imagine that you have a lot of money. When you feel like this, your mind will respond accordingly. This will bring positive energy to your life and will motivate you to earn money.

Visualize things which you want to buy

It is important to conjure positive visualization and positive thoughts and actions. For example, if you want to buy a house with your money. Start imagining how many rooms it will have, or its color until you completely feel it.

This power of your mind will motivate your subconscious mind to help you achieve it soon.

Be grateful for your current financial situation and try hard

If you are worried about how to get money by using mind power. This is the best way to go about it.

Unless you are satisfied with your current financial status, your subconscious mind will be filled with negativity. SO you must trust yourself to achieve something good in life. You must focus on things that you have because what you focus on prospers.

Therefore it is said not to focus on your problems and worries. If you follow this, your financial status will get better. Never make things complicated in your life.

Create a positive internal and external environment

A positive environment plays an important role in attracting wealth. Because the subconscious mind can’t be progressive in a negative environment and you can’t meet your goal. That’s why create a favorable environment by understanding yourself. First, look around yourself like what type of people you are surrounded by. Because if negative people surround you, this negative company will block the incoming wealth. Because negative people always let down your ideas, you can not attract money in life. That is why change your company to attract money. Spend time with those who have a positive attitude and promote your earning ideas.

Re-aligning the subconscious and conscious mind

You should align your conscious and subconscious minds. Write down the worth of money in your life and how money affects you financially. Note all the negative thoughts and beliefs on a page and throw them away from your mind.

Start finding happiness in other people success

Always try to rejoice in the happiness and wealth of other people so that you don’t ever regard money as filthy and evil. All these negative traits, including jealousy and envy, will be a hindrance to disconnecting yourself from money. You will lose what you condemn, and you cannot attract what you criticize.

Stop trying to get something for nothing

There is no such thing known as a free lunch. You definitely need to give something in order to receive. If you give time and mental attention to your ideas, goals, and enterprises, your deeper mind will automatically back you up.

Every morning Deposit your thoughts with the idea of wealth

In your Subconscious, all the deposited thoughts are multiplied and magnified later on. Deposit the thoughts of prosperity, success, peace and wealth in your mind after waking up. Rely upon these thoughts and keep yourself busy with them. Develop constructive thoughts in your mind and bring prosperity and abundance to your life

Bless your money

If you have your money, bless everyone who touches it and bless other people who are in dire need of money. Blessing & appreciating is really a great and rewarding technique to attract not only money but also any things you want in your life instantly. Blessing & appreciating immediately puts you in gratitude and happiness mode which make you feels & positive about things you desire in your life. Give it a try this technique and see yourself.


It’s everyone’s right to be rich and live a luxurious life. There are multiple ways to attract money. But everyone chooses different methods to attract money toward them. It depends on their faith what way they are using. But after the experiment of many years, most people believe that the power of the subconscious mind helps to attract money fast. If you are trying to attract money, use the power of your mind and follow the tips mentioned above.

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