How to use affirmations effectively with 100% result

Can a positive affirmation change your life? Yes, a positive affirmation helps you achieve your life goals.

Affirmation is a self-supporting tool through which you can make a change in your life. Louise hay says what you think and what you say is affirmation.

We will find out how to use affirmations effectively to change your life with sure shot results.

According to experts, affirmation aids the person to overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. Few of you might think it is unrealistic, but let me explain.

As you know, we do physical exercises to improve our physical health, and the affirmation is like an exercise for the mind because our mind also needs to be active, focused and responsive. 

There are different benefits of affirmation, such as it aids you to remove the negativity from yourself.

It makes your mind more progressive in lowering stress. It reconnects with the emotions of gratitude.

According to research, doing positive affirmation for a few minutes before doing any task helps to calm the nerves, boosts the confidence level, and increases the chances to achieve your goal.

Another study showed that a positive affirmation helps to lower the stress level, treat low self-esteem, and treat other mental health conditions.

Common mistakes that people make during the affirmation.

People make different mistakes like they just read about affirmation from books, novels or online websites. But they don’t involve any passion. Without passion, a person can’t fulfill his desire. (Henri Frederic Amiel says).

Additionally, they use illogical affirmation or life goals that their mind doesn’t accept. They change affirmation daily.  People make mistakes and don’t deliver any emotion.

So because of all these mistakes, the affirmation does not work correctly, and people start assuming that affirmation does not work for them.

But that’s not true, people have to do it properly.

Common mistakes that people make during the affirmation

Here are tips that help you to make affirmations work for you properly; follow the below-mentioned steps for better results.

Make meaningful affirmation

Meaningful and personal affirmations are always the best for you.

Don’t ever take affirmations from any books or online; take notes on what you want to encourage in yourself, be it confidence, presence, gratitude or anything else; try to come up with phrases that support the growth of mindset and your personal life traits.

Try to find your role models for affirmation ideas. A positive affirmation should be your capacity to be giving and generous.

Set affirmation in the present tense

The best trick to make the affirmation effective is to set an affirmation in the present.

Don’t use a future sentence like “I will create, or I will do it” use a present sentence inside of a future sentence, for example, “I do, or I create”, because it helps your mind to be satisfied.

This trick helps to train the mind according to your goal.

It makes the affirmation so powerful because your mind starts believing that you are in the present moment and responding accordingly.

On the other hand, if you repeat the future-focused words sentences as I will do, I will attract, or I will achieve, your already trained mind thinks you haven’t achieved anything in life.

Repeating the future sentences is wrong, and it will be a hurdle in achieving the goal.

So use the present tense because your mind will respond to it and start to act the same.

Devolve emotion

One primary mistake people do make during affirmation is that they don’t develop a feeling about the goal.

They just repeat words or lines, but their heart doesn’t show any emotion. That’s why the brain also does not show an effective response.

The medical term “Heart brain coherence” means there is a strong relationship between mind and heart.

When you think and repeat those lines your heart develops emotion about that and sends a signal to the brain, and your subconscious mind shows a response according to it.

If you are trying to feed a line in your mind, for example, “you are rich” but not developing any emotions or not behaving like that, your mind will not accept these affirmations, and you can’t achieve your goal.

That’s why emotion is about your affirmation or goal.

Repeat affirmation

If you want to make your affirmation more powerful and effective, start repeating your affirmation about the goal 3 to 4 times a day.

Develop a Practice

Try to create new thought patterns with frequency and consistency. According to Kirkland, try to practice positive affirmations every day.

For most of us, saying negative things about ourselves feels very normal, while saying kind words to ourselves feels Foolish and illogical.

According to Kirkland, affirmations are very simple ideas, but they never come naturally because we are used to negative things in our daily life.

If you practice consistently and frequently, then you can break out these old thought patterns.

The more you practice affirmations, you will feel less silly, and it will be quite easier for you to practice positive thoughts and gratitude in your life.

Turn thoughts into action

Your actions are very important in order to build a positive affirmation. The relationship between your behavior and thoughts always works both ways.

The way you think about yourself, you will also start acting in that way. It also impacts your thoughts and personal relationships with your friends and family.

Kirkland said, “Surround Yourself with people who see you the way you want to see yourself”.

Final words

Affirmation is one of the best ways to support yourself to achieve a targeted goal. 

Affirmation has many benefits, such as boosting self-esteem, making a person confident and focused, and reducing stress and depression.

The affirmation is key to success because it trains the mind to achieve the goal. But the main thing is to do affirmation in the right way.

The majority of people do affirmation but don’t get the right results because they don’t do it in a proper way.

That’s why if you want good end results, then follow the right steps, choose a realistic goal, show continuity, develop emotion, do practice, and take action.

It is the right way to do effective affirmation so do it properly.

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