How to Visualize better when you can’t see images with closed eyes

Do you feel that you can’t visualize the image with your eyes closed? If yes, you are not alone because there are many people who are facing the same issue. There are different reasons behind the problem when you can’t see the pictures with your closed eyes. But there is nothing to worry about because it is not mandatory that every person must visualize pictures with closed eyes. Because every person’s mind works differently, and their way of thinking and visualization is different. We will find out how we can visualize better with techniques.

Visualization is the thing that needs proper concentration and consistency. Additionally, few people can’t visualize the image or old memory because of environmental issues and health issues.

In a survey of 100 males, just 1% of them were unable to envision the image of their meal, according to a research by Sir Francis Galton.

Some Fundamental to visualize better

If you are unable to visualize the image in your mind with closed eyes, follow this basic principle whenever you try to do visualization.

Some Fundamental to visualize better
  • Relaxation

Before starting visualization, relax your body and mind. Taking a deep breath relieves muscle tension. This practice will lower your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure, making your body more relaxed.

  • Calm eyes

Most people strain their eyes during visualization. But control the movement of eyes, eyelids, and other facial muscles to relax your eyes.

  • Eyes open and close

For improving your visualization, test both variation frequencies. Start practicing with closed eyes; now try with open eyes. This practice will make your mind more active.

  • Have pleasant mindset

Enhancing imagery and adopting a pleasant mindset are important. Being serious while training might hinder your success, so have a positive attitude.

  • Sense, touch, and feel

Even if you are unable to physically see something, you may still be able to sense and feel it. So whenever you try to visualize things, evolve your hands of mind, imaginary feet, and other body parts. Close your eyes, use your fingertips to touch the surface, use your nose to sense. In short, engage your all sentences.

  • Keen observation

Before practicing visualization, improve your observation. Because the more familiar you are with the object’s appearance, the more you can easily visualize the object or image. For instance, say a word “glass” and now notice all of its characteristics, including form, color, angles, texture, its physical appearance etc. It would be best to take that glass in your hands and feel it.

This technique will help you visualize better with closed eyes.

  • Leading with the mental idea

A mental idea is something that can improve your visualization. For example, if you know about your desired home can you explain that to me? Yes, you can share details like the color of your house’s main door, design, the interior of your home, etc. that’s called a mental idea. Do mental ideas practice with open or closed eyes.

  • Present in Moment

As you know, when we focus on the things with our eye, our eye does not notice the surroundings. The thing that happens with the mind is when you do practice and focus on one thing and forget about other things around, so this can black your mind from thinking about other things. During visualization, keep moving your mental eye to notice all around things.

7 Tips to visualize better

Here are top 7 tips mentioned that help you visualize better

  1. Don’t overthink

Visualization is different for all people. Some people think that it is more tough and challenging for them than they ever thought. For some people, it is easy as compared to others. But during visualization, you have not to overthink what you are going to visualize.

7 Tips to visualize better

For example, if your task is to visualize a blue square in your mind. So you might start thinking and telling yourself your eyes are blue squares. You have to imagine this. But in visualizing, the only thing you have to do is to focus on what to visualize. Because overthinking can distract our attention.

  • Use your all senses

Visualization involves using all the senses smell, sight, taste, sound, and touch. You can visualize by using all your senses and noticing all the details about the scene you are trying to picture. So during visualization, notice any sound, taste, and smell.

Your visualization depends on your ability to notice all the small will help you retain the scene or image

  • Avoid distraction

The mind gets distracted during visualization. A person starts thinking about his work, problems, to-do list, grocery, or what he is going to cook. All this is quite normal, and almost all human beings suffer from this.

In this case, you don’t have to judge your abilities. Just try to focus on your visualization.

  • Keep yourself relaxed

One important visualization rule is to keep yourself relaxed throughout the visualization process. According to experts, when your mind and body are relaxed, you will visualize things better. We know keeping yourself relaxed for a long time is difficult because everyone is surrounded by multiple issues, like heavy-duty jobs, financial issues, and family issues. But you have to relax your body or mind to visualize better. The best technique to relax the body and mind is to focus on your breathing. Start inhaling slowly, hold your breath for a few seconds, and exhale slower; this technique will help your mind and body be more relaxed and focused.

  • Develop emotions

Developing an emotion during the visualization is the most amazing technique to improve your visualization. You can’t visualize the images or memories if you don’t have emotions about it.  Because with emotion, you can feel the moment or memory that you visualize at that time. Even this trick helps you to achieve your goal soon because the mind starts reacting according to your mind signals.

If you are visualizing something, don’t force, don’t judge, don’t overthink, just feel the moment as real as you can.

  • Do practice daily

As we know practice makes the man perfect, the same rule applies in the visualization that’s why every day spend 10 minutes doing visualization because it will train your mind.

  • Visualize a most realistic scene

It’s important to visualize a real scene because, in this way, we can visualize better and get results in the future. For example, suppose you think about the most real thing. In that case, your heart will automatically develop an emotion, your mind will become more focused, and your subconscious mind will think you are already in that moment and start believing that you can do this in the future too.

So this technique will help you to achieve your goals.


Visualization is a phenomenon in which the brain forms an image of a person or object.  There are two ways to visualize the image: open eye and visualization with closed eyes.  But few people are unable to visualize the Image with closed eyes. There is a different technique that helps you to start visualizing with closed eyes. If you can not visualize the closed image eye, follow the above-mentioned visualization principle and try exercises.

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