The Magic Wallet Technique to attract Real money

So you want to attract money? Who doesn’t want it. 


Everybody wants some extra pile of money in their wallet or bank account. 

Or you are broke and want some money for living expenses or to pay your bills. 

I guess, you have also tried various tricks and techniques to attract money by using the Law of Attraction but you failed and a bunch of debt bills get piled up.

Here is a simple Magic wallet technique you can use to attract money, abundance and a lot of cash.

This simple technique doesn’t require much of your work, time or any resources and it is very easy to follow. But you have to do it wholeheartedly, with focus and dedication.

What are things you required

You only need 2 things and not much.


You need to have a clean, new, good designed wallet, expensive one(no, don’t go and buy expensive wallet, it just feel like you have lavish, valuable wallet so you get feeling of a wealthiest)

It should have a good amount of compartment to hold your stuff and cash. Again, It doesn’t mean you get a large big size wallet which resembles a school bag to fill in all your stuff. Just your regular one with a good amount of holders also works.

If you don’t have one then it’s OK. Don’t worry. You can use your regular one. 

Money manifestation Technique - Lavish purse
Money manifestation Technique – Lavish purse

Here the main motive is to have a feeling of like you have a nice, expensive, exclusive purse. This will give you a feeling that you are rich and wealthy.


You should have large denomination bills like $20, $50, $100, etc according to your country wherever you live. If you want you can use small notes but I would advise to use big one. 

It also advises to use fresh, new pieces of note straight from the bank with good aroma so you can smell it.

Again, if you don’t have or you can’t arrange it so it is OK, you can use regular one bills but remember it should not be messed up, very old or torn out.

Money manifestation techniques - Cash management
Money manifestation techniques – Cash management


Here is the steps you need to follow:

Take the cash and put it in the wallet’s last holder or any wallet’s place where you generally don’t touch it or see it. 

There is no minimum or maximum limit of how much money you should keep but I would advise you keep as much as you feel like you have good & healthy amount of money in your wallet

Now, Never ever touch it or try to spend it, in any case, whatever the situation will be. You have to keep that money for the whole manifestation process or as long as you achieve your desire. 

Here your main aim is to keep a large chunk of money with you always and feel as if you are a rich guy who always has a large sum of money with them every time and every way.

Here you are playing a psychological trick with your brain and tricking it to make you believe that you are a rich, wealthy guy or a girl. You always have money in your wallet. Money never gets away from you. Unless you spend the money.

Now, everyday whenever you get the time, maybe in office or dinner time or time in the park enjoying, you pull out the fresh new bills of cash from your wallet and hold it in your hand, see it clearly, touch it, feel it, smell it with love toward it.

How do you feel holding it, what aroma you get when you smell, what emotions it arouses in you, How much are you happy or how much you feel gratitude for it. Notice every detail with precise focus and positive attitude.

Now holding it with positive attitude towards money, say this words:

” I love you”

“ I love you very much”

“ Thank you for coming in my life”

“Thank you for making my life easy”

“Thank you for being with me”

“This is a beautiful life. I am financially independent. I live freedom life”

“You made my life filled with joy, happiness. I have power to purchase anything. I have power to spend any amount of money. Thank god!”

This all are affirmations. You can say it as you like. You have full right to edit it, add more affirmations or deduct from it. You can modify these affirmations however as you like. 

Main motive is to feel these affirmations, these emotions whenever you say it. This will make you feel good, energize, filled with positiveness. You will feel like “I am a rich person, there is no lack of money, I am financially independent.”

While saying this statement you must feel Love and Gratitude towards money you hold.


The whole point is to make a relationship with money, making connections with money and your higher self and making it believe you are a blessed person. In return your subconscious will believe it and make every circumstances, every event in favor of that you achieve it fantasy as your reality.

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Science behind this technique

It is proved that Mind can not differentiate between reality and imagination. Whatever we feel and believe, even if it does not happen, our subconscious, our higher self move every circumstance to match that reality we believe and balance the equilibrium.

It is a technique of Law of attraction only. The main hero here is “Feeling”, which helps you to attract money. We are just directing our focus towards craving for money, cursing money towards appreciating money, thanking God/Universe for money.

All the Best for technique. 

Whatever questions you have you can ask in the comment section or DM on instagram.

I also really appreciate if you have any suggestions or want to discuss anything, feel free to go ahead.

God Bless You

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