The time before falling asleep – The most important 5 minutes of the day

The subconscious is highly active during the sleepy & drowsy state

The subconscious operates most effectively when the conscious mind is mentally off.

This happens, for instance, while you are meditating or right before going to sleep. The subconscious is highly productive when in this sleep mode, which is a state of exceptional importance.

The brain shifts to a different frequency range condition

Utilize the fact that your final thought before bed will remain in your subconscious for up to four hours.

The brain switches from the extremely alert and all-analysing beta wave pattern to alpha, theta, and then delta.

It starts to become more and more relaxed.

And this is the sweet spot for our brainwaves which can be used in our benefits.

Now is the time when our subconscious does have the strongest connection with God Consciousness, also known as God, the universe, or the quantum field.

Additionally, the signal we send out contains all of the information for which our consciousness was designed.

All of these activities, in particular, have kept us emotionally occupied throughout the day, but the final few hours before bed are extremely important.

Wayne Dyer calls the time right before you fall asleep “the most important 5 minutes of the day.”

But most people make blunders before going to bed

Most people think about all of their difficulties in their lives before going to sleep. You constantly try to figure out what went wrong.

They think about people who have hurt their feelings. They think about things that upset them. They are concerned about the economy, health, and the future.

You should avoid watching scary movies, playing intense video games, reading the news, or thinking about anything negative before going to bed.

Many folks also enjoy watching horror movies occasionally.

Then they eventually go to sleep, feeding these fear-inspiring instructions to their subconscious.

These unfavourable thoughts are circling in your head throughout the hours you spend sleeping while also being transmitted simultaneously to the quantum field.

The quantum field responds “YES” to the commands given to it.

“You want more difficulties, right?

YES okay, they are brought into your reality in the form of any event, circumstance and person, because it is your free will and I fulfil it.” – Says your God Consciousness.

The final 5 minutes before falling asleep is the most important part of the day

The subconscious functions as a recording device

According to stem cell researcher Bruce Lipton, the subconscious functions like a recording device.

It plays whatever you write on it, whether it be words, ideas, emotions, pictures, or anything else that captures your attention or awareness.

In the end, it all comes down to the information and patterns we implant into our subconscious minds.

Furthermore, this subconscious mind communicates with the divine mind or higher intelligence or our God consciousness, whatever you name it.

It constantly transmits signals to the God Consciousness; therefore, we need to be very careful about what we send out.

What should you do before you go to bed?

It is important to think and feel pleasant & desirable kind of thoughts, images, and feelings before going to bed. It is a gentle way of rewiring the mind.

You have to use the most important 5 minutes of the day for yourself – the time before you fall asleep.

Simply reframe all of your negative thoughts.

Better yet, attempt to fall asleep with a positive attitude and feeling good by concentrating on wonderful things.

You must programme your subconscious mind with your desired outcome. Think about what it would be like to experience your new reality or your dream coming true.

Imagine you already have what you desire. Just tell yourself: “I’m healthy”, “I’m successful”, “I’m happy”, “I’m making progress on all levels”.

Make your own little short film

Before you go to sleep, fill your mind and heart with loving thoughts and feelings of abundance, joy, and gratitude.

And you continue doing this day after day after day until your subconscious has been reprogrammed to act the way you want it to.

Humans are habitual beings.

Even though putting new beliefs into practise may initially seem a little unusual, it will gradually become normal and that will be seen in behaviour, mood, and happy experiences in reality.

The final 5 minutes before falling asleep is the most important part of the day

According to Wayne Dyer, the last thought you have before going to sleep might stay in your brain for up to four hours.

That’s four hours of programming, depending on what your last thought was before you fell asleep and going into alpha state or even deeper of unconscious state.

You have your very last thoughts and feelings just before your brainwave range shifts and you fall asleep.

Then naturally, these thoughts and feelings are then “taken” or “transferred” into the new brain wave zone or the “inner world” where everything is possible.

During this time, we have a very strong connection with God Consciousness or the Quantum Field or God himself.

That’s why It is the most important five minutes of the day because of this.

Before going to bed, you should make wise use of your time and surround yourself with positive thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

All The Best for manifesting your dream and whatever you wish.

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