5 Absolute Manifestation Technique to attract anything you want

Ask and It is Given

I know. You’ve probably heard it a million times. Perhaps you believe that it occurs in fairy tales, stories, and movies, and that it will never occur to you. But I can guarantee you that this is a universal law and it applies to everyone, including you.

Today I’ll give you the explanation of what it really means and walk you through the technique you can employ based on these guidelines. Before going into the specifics of the strategies, I’d like to talk with you about why these principles are undoubtedly true and why they work precisely for you.

The human brain has been extensively researched for decades. They are quite familiar with the structure of human brains, but they have never located the area where thoughts originate. Most likely, they’ll never locate it. Yet they are there in our brain.

What is the source of our thoughts? They originate from a thought field that is perfectly pure and innocent and where everything manifests. Some people refer to it as “the Universal Mind,” while others refer to it as “GOD,” “the Source of Energy,” or “Cosmic Energy.” It conveys much the same meaning.

Everything in the universe, including me, you, and everything else that exists in the world, originates from this unique special field.

We make up the entirety of this field. And in and with this field, we are all one. Imagine the waves on the ocean. Although we perceive ourselves as being unique and distinct from one another when we observe waves, in reality we are all vast oceanic expanses that have millions or perhaps billions of various patterns. In the same way, we are extensions of this special field.

If we and this one-of-a-kind field or GOD are one, then our ideas are GOD’s thoughts. Our yearning is the same as God’s yearning. Do you honestly believe that God will fail to satisfies his own desires? Obviously not. Why therefore should we be concerned with our desires? Any desire we have will be granted.

The obvious question that arises is: Why am I still suffering from this difficulty of life?

Why do I still have frustration and sadness?

Ask and It is Given

The answer is simple. Whatever it is that you are going through right now, you invited it or asked for it at some point in the past. Every time you think about your fear or worry, you’re asking for more of it. We almost always ask unconsciously, and we almost always ask for the negative.

We reside in a negative world. Most people have negative thoughts. But nobody should feel guilty about it. That is exactly how it worked. We cannot advance if we don’t go off the past. We can’t climb a mountain unless law of gravity holds us back.

So, the question is: Can we let go of our negative feelings and thoughts? We just take positive ones in their place. It’s far simpler than you may imagine. Unfortunately, it’s simpler said than done.

I have tried the strategies I am about to reveal to you, and they are incredibly effective. They are incredibly powerful while being simple to use. I can assure you that as soon as you begin using them, you will see the beneficial results right away. Sometimes instantly.

Be clear about your intentions!!

You should be specific in your requests if you want to receive them. Every day, we have more than 65,000 thoughts. Which ones are the most important?

And many, many thoughts are in conflict with each other. Imagine that you are thinking visiting London, but at the same time, thoughts arise of visiting New York.

Which of these two should the universe fill? In reality, there is no way to accomplish this. There is no solution.

So, always be clear about what you actually desire. The most important step is this one.

Technique #1 Write down your intentions

This first strategy for getting clear on what you truly desire is what I refer to as “writing intentions.”

This method was developed by Brain Tracy, but I’ve modified it to make it more effective for me.

Write down whatever you want in the form of intentions every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep.

Here are a few instances:

“I intend to pass my exam, now, I accept this or something better.”

If you want to have a new BMW, you should formulate it as follows.

“I’m going to manifest a new BMW right away. This or better, I believe.

I kindly ask that you follow my advice and do not alter it because they have the extremely effective in that way.

After you’ve written everything down, write these words about it: “Please allow this to happen or something better that is for my highest good for myself and everyone else involved, THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU.”

Follow my instructions precisely; don’t alter the language or the structure. I can’t go into detail here as to why these words are so crucial, but I can assure you that if you use them in this way, you will experience the benefits.

Technique #2: Make a deal with your inner Consciousness / God

This technique was devised by Bob Scheinfeld. Find a location that is solely known to you, then take a little box there. This box should be placed there. Put a piece of paper with all your desires on it in the box. You must enter into an agreement with your higher self (or GOD or your Consciousness: your inner boss.).

Everything that is crucial to you is included in the agreement.

You can successfully direct your requests to this specific field by using these 2 methods.

Connect with this unique special field!

Technique #3: 15 Minute Short Meditation.

Spend 15 minutes each morning and evening in meditation. Simply concentrate on your breathing, and when your thoughts stray, bring them back to your breath. This technique will assist you in reconnecting with the unique special field and restoring your energy.

When you experience that connection, it works best. This easy method will significantly improve your life.

Believe me!

The next two techniques will assist you in removing any negative blockages and help you to collaborate effectively with this special field. And they’ll fulfil your wishes faster.

Technique #4: 17 Second Shift / Flip Switch

This is my favourite method, which I learned from the legendary Dr. Robert Anthony. My life’s quality has changed significantly as a result. Yours will also change as a result.

The majority of self-help programmes fail because they don’t work at the given time. When we experience a negative feeling, we should modify it right away rather than letting it grow.

Flip-Switch technique does exactly that. Throughout the day, spend at least 17 seconds reflecting on positive emotions.

For 17 seconds, think on the people, things, or situations that make you happy. This is something you can do even when you’re depressed to make yourself feel better. When you’re in a good mood, you can still do it because it will boost your mood. List the things for which you are grateful for.

Alternatively, talk about the things that bring you joy. Each time you look at this list, give it your full attention for at least 17 seconds. Your life will actually undergo significant transformation. Try it once.

Technique #5: 3-minute strength break

It’s almost like a magic formula. Make a deal with yourself before beginning this exercise that you will put aside the problem you are currently facing and spend the next 3 minutes thinking about whatever comes to mind.

Just give yourself three minutes for this exercise. There are three steps in this exercise.

  • Get rid of your issue once you’ve established this agreement with yourself, it’s already been accomplished.
  • Imagine how it would feel to having your desires fulfilled. Allow it to truly take root in your brain.
  • Simply expressing your sincere gratitude by saying “thank you”, that’s all. This shouldn’t take you longer than three minutes.

Isn’t that simple? Only this much you have to do it!!

Trust the process.!!

Additionally, there will be moments when you will be worried and question whether your wishes will actually come true. When that occurs, you must remember who you are and your own beliefs.

I keep telling myself the following situations.

The life inside of me is intimately connected to all other forms of life and is wholly committed to serving my best interests.

“I find everything I look for. I release control when it comes to me and simply focus on what my heart desires. My greater self within me understands how to make it happen. So, I can truly relax and enjoy by letting go.

So, I can truly relax and enjoy by letting go.

Everything I need to fulfil my dream comes to me compassionately, harmoniously, effortlessly, and fast. I’ll accept it or something much, much better. I’m open, willing, and grateful, that’s how things are. And I’ll allow it to actually happen.

I assure you that if you use these methods, you will experience fantastic results quickly.

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