Tony Robbin’s morning routine that can change your life

Tony Robbins credits his success to his morning routine

The energizing morning routine for an excellent start to the day.

Tony Robbins is a best-selling author, a motivator, and a powerhouse.

He has provided guidance to large organizations like the Los Angeles Kings and professional players like Mike Tyson.

Despite being a white behemoth, his voice conjures up images of a black soul singer.

Some of Robbins’ workshops last 12 to 14 hours. He credits his rigorous and quite unconventional morning routine with his much of his success.

An energizing morning routine for the body, mind, and soul

In the morning, Tony Robbins takes a jacuzzi bath.

He then plunges into a nearby river, a pool of cold water, or stays for two to three minutes in a chilly chamber on the site. This is known as cryotherapy in medical language.

Here, liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of about -110 °C, comes in touch with the body.

A variety of metabolic processes are activated at the cell level. According to Tony Robbins, “Every organ and nerve in your body is on fire.”

Top athletes frequently employ this strategy. Kobe Bryant gave Robbins his seal of approval.

For everyone who is currently depressed over not having their own cold chamber, it has the same impact as taking a sauna followed by a cold shower or diving into a chilly pool.

Anyone who has done it can testify to how wonderful it is. Endorphins and other good feeling chemicals are released.

The morning routine proper then starts.

Step 1: Breathing Exercises

Robbins practices the Kapalabhati Pranayama Breathing for three sets of 30 breaths each.

This method involves the user sitting up straight and taking a few deep breaths to set the mood.

The actual exercise then starts. Kapalabhati breathing involves rapid inhalation and exhalation. Exhalation occurs twice as quickly as inhalation. While inhaling is passive and exhaling is active, both occur naturally as a result of relaxation.

Kapalabhati is one of the six Shatkriyas in Hatha Yoga, which are purifying and harmonizing exercises.

Step 2: Show gratitude

He takes three minutes to express gratitude for three things. Like one of these things is as simple as feeling the breeze on your face.

These days, a lot of people constantly complain and have a really negative attitude. Tony Robbins instead counts his blessings.

The way you view life may change dramatically as a result of this practice. It has the power to alter how you view both yourself and other people.

As you go about your day, this exercise might help you alter your mindset. Gratitude makes it impossible to feel either fear or anger; it is simply not possible.

There are numerous psychological advantages to gratitude.

Step 3: Pray

For the following three minutes, he prays for his loved ones, friends, and clients. He views it as a spiritual practice rather than a religious one.

The morning routine is over once these 3 stages have been completed.

When he’s finished with his ritual, he’ll eat a simple yet filling breakfast. Typically, fish and a salad are served. After that, it is time to inspire some few people.

Apply this routine in your daily life, and see does it affects your life in positive way.

I am sure it will bring changes in your life significantly.

Don’t wait, start from tomorrow morning onwards. All the Best.

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