10 rules to get into the Present moment

10 fundamentals & technique to get into the Present moment

“Living in the present moment or in the now” became popularized by Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle book The Power of Now and various books related to it is best examples of it. But what is its deeper significance and advantage this sentence?

It is one of the keys to discovering our inner selves and unleashing our true potential, to put it briefly.

We may access and intentionally utilize the creative energy that God has given to us when we are in the present moment.

When humans initially evolved, we were pure consciousness.

In our original state, we were limitless spiritual beings rather than corporeal ones. The human body is but a momentary garment to which we are affixed in this world.

When humans initially evolved, they were pure consciousness.

In our original state, we were limitless spiritual beings instead of biological ones. The human body is but a momentary garment to which we are affixed in this world.

We are pure intelligence, pure light, and a sphere of energy in our real formation. Our capabilities in this state are boundless since this is our True Self.

We may activate possibilities from the quantum realm by tapping into this wrapped pure awareness, which is essentially our soul or center.

Consciousness Energy = Creator Energy

In order to shift the specific information patterns from the quantum field into reality, i.e., our life, we must align our awareness, or our creative energy, consistently and focused on what we would like to produce.

More specifically, anything that we consciously and subconsciously focus on causes us to enter into resonance. In a way, we’re connected.

The creative energy I just discussed also includes information patterns and programming from things like our feelings or rooted beliefs, in addition to our consciousness.

Our capacity for creation or consciousness is limited because it is dispersed and unbundled. However, when it is concentrated and in line with our emotions and subconscious conditioning, it becomes incredibly powerful and anything is feasible.

Is your conscious energy trapped in the past?

The issue with this is that we mostly just repeat our past into the future rather than living in the present moment and taking advantage of the sea of millions of possibilities.

This is due to the fact that we continually charge past engraved subconscious patterns with our consciousness energy, for instance by reflecting on certain occasions and experiences.

Our consciousness energy literally sticks to the patterns of the past like glue and keeps charging them. These patterns may also reflect rooted beliefs.

We begin to pick the same option throughout our life after a certain age (often after childhood) — the same pattern, the same program, derived from our past experiences (the known) — and are able to convert this possibility into reality through the combined strength of our consciousness and subconscious inner workings.

Embrace the present to get access.

On the other side, when we completely perceive the present, our full consciousness energy is available to us since it is not “stuck” or trapped anywhere.

Living in the now and having complete access to your own awareness energy creates a completely new sensation in which you sense much more, feel much more at ease, and experience more of the elements that’s make up your primitive form.

Humans continuously repeat their history into the future.

Human consciousness energy—this divine creative energy—is nearly often unintentionally misused. Why?

Because we match this creative force with only two big possibilities: the past and future (depending on the past).

Day in and day out, the mind, body, and internalized emotions remain mostly trapped in the past. We absorb the things that have influenced us in the past. It becomes more firmly fixed and in a sense, hardwired into our mind.

Fearful people, on the other hand, are always planning for the future rather than enjoying present moment gift. The other side of the coin.

However, I believe that the primary issue is recreating the past since we unconsciously believe that our future will be based on the history that is already known.

For example, I’ve always had bad luck and I’ll keep having bad luck in the future.

Every day, we repeat this. We mentally, unconsciously, make the assumption that our present will be related to our history and that all will be resolved and remain the same. 

To put it more clearly, we are currently operating inside a single internal timeframe. We continue to follow the well-established trends. It is linked with the consciousness energy of us. This well-known is replicated by us in the future.

If you don’t live in the moment, possibilities left out

To put it another way, a subconscious programming was created to bring events and happenings into our life. This means that the possibilities in the quantum realm fall into informational patterns.

We are the producers, and until we learn to live in the moment and rewrite the tale, it will be continuously created based on our past history.

Change your life by living in the present.

There are, of course, small changes and side stories in the story (I think to give us something to think about if we want to change something), but the main story stays the same as long as we unconsciously “function” from the past and our consciousness stays there.

Change your life by living in the present.

What you should know is:

When we pay attention to or observe anything, reality changes. We are not aware of it, yet something does occur (observer effect)!

We have influence over matter, which is 99% vacuum or non-existence. In actuality, we do have impact over how this informational pattern of this matter works.

In order to create the reality, they live in, humans, who are quantum observers, employ their Creator energy. We have the ability to pick from a vast ocean of options, but we do not because we are continuously replicating the known (the past).

We are continuously living out of these past engraved memories.

What can be done is:

We must escape from the familiar mind patterns, which includes this internalized past history and this subconscious programming.

When the mind and body are completely present and awake, this repetition of the past comes to an end. We must be present, or live in the moment.

As a result, the doors to all potentials and possibilities in the quantum realm are opened, cutting the connection of our awareness energy to the past.

For a while, we have to set aside the things that are going on in the outside world (job, co-workers, various plans, our personalities, appearances, etc.).

We go into a state of pure concentrated consciousness. If we can keep our attention on just one single line of thought, it is tremendously beneficial. Then, we have access to the quantum field at some of these special moments.

The more time we can spend letting go of the past and living in the present moment, the more consciousness energy is released from the body and is available to us to create new things.

How does it feel to be in the present moment or “Now”?

You transform into a silent observer, or pure consciousness. What one experiences is best defined as divine omnipresence, neutrality, eternal oneness, or admiration.

Others refer to it as Christ Consciousness or the connection with the Higher Self.

You are open, calm, empty, clear, and free when you are living in the present moment. Unconscious programming has been turned off and is no longer that is being used.

You become more sensitive, perceptive, and alert.

In this moment, you are more conscious. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you get an eureka moment the solution to a problem that’s been bothering you for a while, or perhaps you become inspired by new idea.

You receive it automatically, without having actively considered it. This is a positive indication that you are present moment and connected to your higher self.

There are no reactions either if you stay in the moment. You’re not attempting to push anything or predict the future. You just take on the role of the quiet observer.

Come into the present moment and maintain the state

The methods for entering the present moment (living in the now) are rather easy to learn. They function as a type of switch that instantly returns us to the present from the past or the future.

The major skill in this situation is the ability to maintain the condition for a longer amount of time and to remain in the present. Even better to establish “living in the moment” as common practice & the normal state of affairs.

10 techniques to get into the present moment

These 10 techniques will bring you right back to the present moment:

  1. Observe your breathing flow. 
  2. Count your steps when you are walking.
  3. Observe your surrounding or nature – e.g., movement of the trees
  4. Eat slowly enjoying your every meal and taste with your eyes closed
  5. Hear or feel your heartbeat while covering your ears.
  6. Take some time to jot down some thoughts in your journal aka Daily journaling.
  7. Play an instrument or music, feel it, enjoy it, tune in with it.
  8. Meditate. Scan your body and feel while doing scanning meditation like your head or other body parts
  9. Draw a picture or paint a colourful portrait, scenery etc.
  10. shower cold

Just start observing as if you are an observer. Enjoy the present moment and live in it as if there is no tomorrow. Also, utilize all your senses as hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, smelling etc., to be more mindful. 

hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, smelling etc., to be more mindful.  Pay close attention to every details. As a result of this you will enter into the present moment.

As soon as you become conscious and aware, you are in the present moment, which is the condition in which the door to the quantum universe is open and consequently the change is available to you.

Maintaining this condition for long will allow you to release conscious energy from your body. Then you may employ the energy that has been released to make something new.

I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to live in the present moment more often; and cherish it to the utmost.

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