Manifestation Technique – The magic pen and wish diary

The Magic pen and wish diary technique. A manifestation technique to train your imagination.  A manifestation technique with many benefits.

One of the most effective tools we were given when we came into this universe is our imagination.

It is also referred to as God’s power by Neville Goddard.

One of our main tools given for resonating with the reality we want, is our imagination.

It also functions as a sort of invisible conduit that communicates with God Consciousness, also known as the Universe.

One thing that all great masters and innovators shared was a vivid imagination.

The creations were already living in mind before they eventually materialised.

We train our imagination and the mental processes that go along with it by using the following manifestation technique.

The goal is to send out a clear signal.

How clear is the signal you are releasing?

This is essential in order to strengthen our relationship with God Consciousness, which then allows for the manifestation of wishes into our reality in the shape of events, experiences, etc.

Therefore, it’s constantly about optimizing the signal we send out so that the God consciousness (also known as the cosmos or universe) understands exactly what we desire.

However, the signal or thought vibration, that most people emit resembles in scattered & noisy pattern mostly.

For example, this noise I means:

  • a continuous merry-go-round of ideas
  • many distractions and lack of concentration
  • mood changes on an hourly basis
  • inner chaos & unrest
  • and still more

It can also be summed up as: Mental instability.

Another comparison might be to a drink made up of 200 different ingredients, which tastes awful and is impossible to describe.

In these situations, manifesting a purpose becomes challenging since we are disconnected and the God Consciousness cannot receive our thought signals.

We must focus our attention and have a goal in mind.

Train your focus to hold the higher emotion

We must learn to focus, or pay attention to, one thing (or a few things) in order to successfully create a link to God Consciousness and ultimately be able to materialise.

Train your focus with this manifestation technique.
Train your focus with this manifestation technique.

In the end, “concentration” and “attention” are merely euphemisms for our actual creative power, which is consciousness.

However, it’s not exactly easy for the ordinary person to keep their attention for longer period of time.

He loses focus six to ten times in a minute.

No surprise there either, given the abundance of distractions in today’s society.

In this following manifestation method, in addition to the attention, we must also incorporate a higher emotional feeling into our imagination.

This is the mechanism, the shield of thought or our intention.

Emotion, or the state of feeling, aids in our ability to resonate with the reality we want to manifest.

There is a technique—the magic pen and the wish diary that combine, preserve, and strengthen all of this, including the focus, the feeling, and the resonance with the desired reality.

The magical pen and wish diary technique

Imagination is the perfect tool to resonate with desired reality.

Simply grab a notebook and start writing your goals & wishes.

This particular tool is used just for the wish diary.

You automatically focus by putting anything down on paper.

You should able to feel the power radiating from this magic pen when you hold it in your hand.

The pen contains magical ink.

One can only imagine as to how all the sentences that were penned down with him will eventually happen in the future.

You can feel the magic and excitement while writing with this magic pen and keeping your attention fully focused.

Because we immediately start to focus when we write something down, the act of writing it down greatly aids in our ability to develop focus.

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A manifestation technique with many benefits

This simple technique will help:

  • hone your attention span and focus.
  • to develop imagination
  • to exercise more intense feelings or emotional states.
  • adjusting to and harmonising with a new reality.
  • to strengthen faith.
  • to enhance one’s signal and connection to God Consciousness (aka Universe).
A manifestation technique with many benefits
By writing something down, you automatically focus.

The factors that determine success or failure are consistency and repetition.

However, in order for these advantages to be fully realised, consistency and repetition are required.

Therefore, I advise using this technique once daily for at least 21 to 30 days.

This is the average time frame needed to rewire the subconscious.

This time is also required to improve mental abilities, especially if they have not been trained.

The practice involving the magic pen and the wish journal is most effective in the morning, right after waking up, or in the evening.

And also, the best time is right before you go to sleep.

Consistency is the key to success

What occurs on an energy level is nearly often hidden to our senses – yet something happens!

One should definitely make sure to practise this method consistently and every day. 

There are a number of processes going on that we cannot immediately detect with our senses on a mental and cognitive level.

Since there is a kind of “buffering phase,” the impact also often manifests with a lag in time. For this reason, it’s crucial to pay attention and work on the inside.

You may create a list to motivate yourself, and after each day’s practice, you can simply cross something off of the list.

With the help of this little technique, you may eventually polish a number of thoughts and behaviours that are excellent for manifestation and the creative process.

Moreover, it’s a lot of fun.

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