Image Streaming : Life changing Powerful Technique(Full Guide)

You have heard the word Image streaming and may be thinking what is Image Streaming? Or you may search for creative visualization and come across image streaming words and now may be wondering what are they? how they are interrelated. 


Image Streaming is the process of seeing pictures in your mind’s eyes(eyes closed) and describing it in detail verbally(speaking out loud) briefly as much as possible. 

May be want to be a visual thinker like Albert Einstein 

Or want to develop the ability to visualise vividly.

This technique helps in seeing bright, vivid images in mind eyes with complete details.

What is Images Streaming

You may have heard visualization for a long time and may be using it for your benefits. Many laws of Attraction Gurus, Mind experts recommend it. Many sports players and athletes use it for their benefits. Images Streaming no less than visualization technique.

It is somewhat similar to visualization. You are playing visuals and viewing images in your mind. But here is a small twist, you have to describe the visuals you are watching in your mind with your mouth verbally.

You can use this little known tool for improving visualization, visual thinking and verbal fluency. Image Streaming also helps in increasing creativity, concentration, problem solving ability and mind’s power. 

Image streaming also helps in healing aphantasia (a state of the mind where you can’t produce mental images at will). Win Wender says it increases your I.Q. of mind.

Good thing is that this is very easy to get started and also it is fun when you start enjoying it, you just need to close your eyes and start describing what you see.

Image streaming technique came into limelight when the book The Einstein Factor was released by author Dr. Win Wenger as Project Renaissance. Mr. Wenger claims that Einstein developed the foundations for the Theory of Relativity while visualizing himself “driving a train and looking into a mirror asking a question if he could see his face”.

How to do Image Streaming


First you need to prepare your mind for this session as you do for all the activity. This really helps in achieving the best of the outcome for what you have set for any session/activity. 

You need to find any Empty room where nobody will disturb you. You can silence your phone for some minute or you can use it as a recorder, when you describe your experience out loud. Remember that no one disturbs or distracts your free flow state when you are in the Image streaming process.


You can do this while sleeping or sitting, just remember to keep your body relaxed.

 To make your mind calm, focus on breathing for 2-3 min, then keeping your eyes closed. Scan your body parts for muscle’s tension and relax them gradually one by one. Start from your top with head and end with foot. Begin with the muscles on your scalp and your facial muscles then move your awareness down slowly, relaxing your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hand, wrist, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, lower legs, and finish with your feet. 

This will not take more than 4-5 minutes.

Image Streaming Process

After being in deep relaxation, describe the images that come to mind. If you don’t get any images, just allow your mind to wander for some time, pictures will start playing in your mind. Bring your consciousness on images, and proceed to describe it in detail as much as possible.

When you are in flow of verbalizing the image, you’ll see more and more images which appear automatically and as you see more, keep describing it. Describe it as fast as you can. This will prevent you from losing concentration and images which appear. It also develops your verbal fluency, and helps you elaborate on details of the images and the scenes that you see.


At first you will feel difficult, you feel like it is forced, or you may not be able to see it. But keep practicing. It’s like building a muscle. The more you use it, the easier it gets to do it.

You can involve your senses also like sight, taste, smell and feeling(this part is more related to visualization). 

As you keep describing the images of your mind, these images will grow in intensity, clarity and color. Your visual experience will flow much naturally, become more vivid and more vibrant.

It’s like you are in a hypnotic session with your consultant doctor and describing images of what you see. Or, you are a match commentator doing commentary on radio to your audience while watching a match describing in detail.


Just take an example, if you see a lemon on a wooden table, describe the scene in detail. How do you walk towards the table and pick up the lomon, notice all the marks on it, smell it and how the lemon flavor smells?, even squeeze it to taste it’s juice and describe its taste, how sour it is? Describe if the room is cold or warm. 

All these descriptions are done as fast as possible so you don’t get distracted. And while doing it, you will sometimes get distracted by another image, say something beside the table nearby you found something. Just jump on that immediately and start describing as quickly as possible. Trying to go into as much detail as you can. 

Remember, nothing is unimportant or irrelevant during image streaming so long as it shows up, even a faint image or smell. I would describe it, until it gets clearer. The key is to do it as fast as you can, this forces more images to come into view. Sometimes you will find yourself at loss of words while describing details of what you see. It happens.

Concluding It

Mr. Wenger in his book, the Einstein Factor and website proposes that you should use a tape recorder to record so you can replay each session, to recall memory and experience you felt during the session. He also suggests taking help from a friend or partner, to describe your experience during the session. This gives you a broad and different perspective about your session, i.e., what you felt and believed. They also provide you feedback and their point of views to you. This completely depends on you, how you do it. Some don’t want to tell their personal things to anyone. And also listening to your recorded session can be sometimes boring & time consuming, so i leave this to you, how you want to play with it.

You can do this for 10 to 15 minutes, and gradually increase it if you enjoy it. 

At beginning you feel off and distracted, and will easily get bored. Some even complain about brain fogginess. This happens in the beginning because you started a brain workout the same like a Gym workout. It is painful in the beginning but eventually you get used to it and everything falls in place.


Can I Do Image Streaming With Eyes Open?

Most people complain about having problems not able to visualize or see images when they close eyes. Most of them will face this problem when they are starting in the beginning. 

And that is OK if you are not able to see anything in the beginning. 

My recommendation would be to do with closed eyes. Because this helps in activating your mind’s eye(subconscious mind) seeing images clearly while ignoring distraction.

Just keep practicing it, with practice you will develop the ability to focus and see pictures.

Image Streaming - Eye Open
Image Streaming – Eye Open

Why am I not able to see any Images?

In the beginning, this happens. Don’t worry, Not all are visual thinkers. 

Allow your mind to wander around. You will start dreaming and images will start appearing in your mind. I would say just keep practicing and follow the steps given here, with time and practice you will eventually start seeing images in your mind’s eyes.

Image Streaming - Mind eyes
Image Streaming – Mind eyes

Do I Need To Speak Out Loud?

Mostly It depends on you, how you decided to do it. Silent and loud both techniques are valid. Win Wenger and most people say to speak out loud because this helps to activate your both side of mind(logical mind and creative mind). When you visualise your creative/imaginative mind start working and simultaneously when describing images out loud your rational mind works. Both work accordingly to develop your ability.

While silent Image streaming will be helpful at night, helping you to sleep.


Thus, Image streaming is the same as visualization with little twist. 

This little technique will help you in achieving great feet in life. Just spending 15-20 minutes daily you will develop mind & visual thinking capabilities, creativity, clarity and develop I.Q. which helps you in daily life.

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