Ultimate Collection of Affirmations for Healing (80+)

Here you will find affirmations for healing which is extremely powerful and tested helps you in stabilizing your life and heal your wounds. 

Affirmations are some key phrases/word or sentences which you constantly repeat to impersonate in your subconscious mind and create the same emotional & vibrational level feeling which will attract the same situations, conditions which you have repeated and make it into reality. It all depends on your affirmation phrases and your current emotions which you constantly feel, how strong it is to make it happen.

Wound can be of two types, i.e., Either Physical or Emotional/psychological, and even affirmations for healing also. It depends on you which one you want to heal. I have provided affirmations for healing for both physical and emotional levels. You can use either of your choice whichever you prefer.

The point is You don’t have to use all listed affirmations, select affirmation which you like and resonates with you, which you are comfortable with. Make a set of affirmation & use it.

Affirmations for Healing Soul

  1. I am Healing.
  2. I am really Healing.
  3. I have power to heal.
  4. My strength to heal is increasing.
  5. I have very strong power to heal.
  6. I am always Healing.
  7. Every moment I am getting Healed.
  8. In every breath I am getting Healed.
  9. Healing is Easy.
  10. Healing myself is Easy.
  11. Healing myself is really really Easy.
  12. I allow myself to Heal.
  13. God is the source to heal Everyone.
  14. I am Healing my Body, Mind and Soul.
  15. I forgive Myself.
  16. I allow myself to Heal.
  17. My every breath is Healing me.
  18. Gratitude is healing me even more.
  19. Gratitude is making healing very fast.
  20. God has tremendous blessing upon me.
  21. God loves me.
  22. God heals me.
  23. God’s power with me
  24. I am a loving child of God.
  25. I am healing myself beyond time and space.
  26. God is Great.
  27. I chose Heal.
  28. Everything in my life is working Fine.
  29. I am Happy.
  30. I am feeling Great.
  31. I am feeling Healthy.
  32. I am feeling Happy which helps me in Healing.
  33. I am Calm & Confident.
  34. I always show patience.
  35. I am cool.
  36. I am relaxed.
  37. I am feeling out of the world.
  38. I am gentle and patience during the healing process.
  39. I believe in manifestation.
  40. I believe in the ability to manifest Love, Happiness and Healing.
  41. I am Healthy and Strong.
  42. My Energy and Vitality is strongly increasing every day.
  43. Vitality Energy flows to me easily and constantly.
  44. I am open to the natural flow of wellness.
  45. My inner guidance leads me to the right healing.
  46. My subconscious mind helps me to Heal.
  47. Abundant health and wellness is my birthright.
  48. My subconscious mind leads me to the right healing.
  49. Thank you God for my Health, strength and Vitality.
  50. I am getting Happier Every Day.
  51. I have the power to overcome my difficulties, grieving and Sadness.
  52. I am the most Blessed person.
  53. God is with me.
  54. I heal in my own time and I keep patience believing in God.
  55. I am Healing in inside and outside.
  56. I am beautiful, radiant and strong.
  57. I enjoy my Life.
  58. I have the power to overcome my pain.
  59. I am surrounded by people who love me.
  60. I attract people who love me and help me to heal.
  61. I am open to give and receive love.
  62. I am Power.
  63. I have the power to create my life.
  64. I am ready to forgive anyone who causes me emotional pain.
  65. I believe everything happens for a reason, and it is for good.

Affirmations for Healing Physical

  1. My immune system is very strong
  2. I am feeling stronger and better now.
  3. I am Healthier Now.
  4. I love taking good care of myself.
  5. Today nurturing myself is a great priority and responsibility.
  6. Thank you God for strength to balance my spirit, mind and body.
  7. Thank you God for the opportunity to balance my mind, body and spirit.
  8. I trust my feelings and inner guidance.
  9. God always showers me with Endless love and Blessings.
  10. My wounds are healing very fast.
  11. My wounds are healing very easily.
  12. I am grateful for Healing that happening to me.
  13. I am Healed, Healthy and Fit.
  14. I have the capacity to fight every disease.
  15. I am getting Healthier day by day.
  16. There is nothing that I cannot achieve.
  17. There is nothing that I can’t Heal.

You can modify or make changes to these affirmations to suit your Situation & Conditions.

We will keep adding more affirmations to this list. If you have your affirmation you want to share you can share in the comment section.

Remember every affirmation every word/sentences you speak is a “thoughts in words” or “thoughts in action”. And every thought has its own frequency or Vibration. Every thought has power to manifest your desire or heal you. 

But Repetition is key to make it happen

So, practice these affirmations everyday in every way so that affirmations get tap into your subconscious mind easily and effortlessly and you can reprogram your mind. Soon you will see the result of healing and success. This power of self healing is from ages used by many Religious leaders, Doctors, Self-Healer, Spiritual masters.

There is a very basic saying that attention goes where energy flows so keep your attention on healing, health and wellness.

You have to believe in this process and your ability of your subconscious mind(well subconscious mind is the most powerful tool in the world.) that it can heal you and manifest your desire.

So, use this affirmations for your Healing. Learn it, Write it, Record it, Play it, Repeat it so it impresses our subconscious mind and helps you in Healing. All the Best.

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